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Willows High School


Drama - Carla Windmill-Lewis

Name:Carla Windmill-Lewis

I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being

Oscar Wilde

Key Stage 3: Years 8-9

Drama is a life skill and a creative art form. It helps pupils develop their ability to use voice, movement, gesture and facial expressions in acting, mime, drama and improvisation. The development of these skills encourages self-confidence and self-awareness through lessons which give opportunity to work independently, thought-provokingly and within a variety of group work scenarios. The skills developed are also intrinsic to the development of the pupils in all other areas of the school curriculum.

Most of the lessons are taught in the Performing Arts Studio, with regular opportunity for bigger scale performances to be worked on or performed in the new state of the art theatre.

In year 8 the focus of drama is very much about building a holistic understanding of drama, assuming that the pupils have not been taught drama previously. The lessons are very much about developing confidence and group work skills, while introducing basic drama skills and techniques through performance and script work. There is regular opportunity for the pupils to develop their literacy skills through script work.

Drama in year 9 adopts a more thematic approach and explores a plethora of acting styles from theatre and improvisation/role-play through to comedy, film and Shakespeare. Pupils are encouraged to be creative and innovative and are given opportunities to use green screen technology and a host of tablet apps that are accessible in most projects explored.  Lessons are delivered with a mindful appreciation of Cwricwlwm Cymreig and pupil’s emotional and social well-being.

Key Stage 4: GCSE/BTEC/VCERT/Other

Drama at key stage 4 is a popular option which allows the pupils the freedom to express themselves in a more creative manner together with strengthening their academic abilities through literacy rich coursework projects.

Currently at key stage 4 the department is offering the new and exciting vcert NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Creative Studies: Performance Skills. This course explores all aspects of performing and develops the pupils to become more equipped performers with an understanding of all other aspects of the industry such as; directing, technical theatre, front of house and lighting.

There is no written exam in this course, although the pupils will be required to perform or showcase technical theatre in an externally examined performance.

Awarding Body

NCFE Level 2 Vcert

WJEC  Gcse Drama will also be an option

Extra-Curricular Activities

Drama is a very inclusive environment and welcomes all pupils to take part in the wide variety of activities that we have on offer.  The Performing Arts department regularly hold school performances, theatre showcases, Christmas concerts in the locality and the highly successful annual musical theatre production. Rehearsals and workshops take place after school in the drama studio and theatre.

Theatre trips, West end visits and workshops from professionals in the Performing Arts Industry form a regular part of the activities in the drama department.

Strong links forged with the Sherman Theatre Cymru have enabled the pupils to experience a wide breadth of skills and activities to further enhance their development in drama.

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