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Willows High School

Duke of Edinburgh ​

They have battled rain and wind, walked miles over rugged terrain and carried all of their possessions on their back - you’ve guessed it, it’s the Willows High School Duke of Edinburgh group!

 With a fantastic performance on last week’s final journey, we are proud to announce that they have passed the expedition section of the award; with special thanks to the Cardiff Duke of Edinburgh team! Each student had to do a total of 3 expeditions - a day walk, an overnight camping/navigating expedition and their final assessed camping/navigating expedition. Students have learned to map read, set up emergency shelters, camp, cook, work as a team and have gained an accredited emergency response 1st aid certificate.

-Expeditions took place on Caerphilly ridge way (day walk) and the Gower (both overnight stays).

We are so proud of you!!!