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Willows High School

Letter to Parents - 18/07/2017

Dear Parent / Carer

It’s been a hectic year, but it’s flown by and we’re at the last week of the school term. We are on schedule to have the full school site back in September. Although we’ve grown to love the mobile classrooms on the yard, we won’t be sorry to see them go!

There are still a number of events happening before we break up that I’d like to take this opportunity to make you aware of and also provide some information about next year.


Rewards Day on Wednesday 19th July

If your child has great attendance and shown that they are consistently ready to learn, they will have been selected to go on our final termly Rewards Trip. The information regarding the activity has been sent home and I’m sure they will have a great time.


Sports Day on Thursday 20th July

We’re aiming for every pupil to get involved in at least one activity this year, with this in mind, pupils will be expected to wear something that includes their house colour, school uniform is not expected. There are always loads of House Points up for grabs during this day so make the most of it and have some fun!


Eisteddfod on Friday 21st July

This is our end of year concert/assembly with plenty of Welsh themed singing, games and performances thrown in. Mrs. Rees, our Leader of Welsh, has put together a full programme of events so it we are guaranteed to finish this academic year on a high. Again, pupils should wear house colours, school uniform is not expected.


Last Day Arrangements

Pupils will be released early from school at 12.45pm on this day, food will be provided during an extended break earlier in the day. If you would like to make arrangements for your child to be supervised until 2.50pm please contact us on the school number to let us know


Results Day

If your child has sat external exams this year, results day is on Thursday 24th August, the school will be open from 10am -12pm for pupils to collect their certificates. If you are unable to collect the results on the day, we will keep them for you until September.


Next Year

Looking forward to next year, school will start again for all pupils at 8.40am on Wednesday 6th September.

New Year 7 pupils should make their way to the hall where we will welcome them into Tutor Groups.

Pupils in Years 8, 9, 10 & 11 should go straight to their tutor groups.


We will provide every pupil in Year 7 with a pencil case which will include a scientific calculator, ruler, black and green pens, pencil and eraser. Pupils will be expected to carry this with them at all times. It is the responsibility of the pupil to replace any item that is lost or broken.


We will provide every pupil with a bag if needed. Every pupil must bring a bag to school, you may choose to provide your own bag, but it must adhere to the school’s criteria and should be a rucksack or sports bag able to carry books and equipment.


We have streamlined our school rules down to three. They encompass all of the expectations we have of your children to ensure they are successful in school and set themselves up for a great future when they leave us.





Expectations Around School

  • Uniform is to be worn on the school site at all times.
  • Outside jackets/clothing are to be removed and carried inside the school building.
  • Mobile devices are not to be used on the school site at any time, including lunchtime and breaktime. Every tutor room has a secure locker where pupils are advised to store any valuables first thing in the morning. They can then be collected at the end of school.
  • If mobile devices, headphones etc. are seen or heard during the school day, they will be locked in the school safe until a parent/carer collects them. They will not be returned to the pupil.
  • Pupils are expected to walk silently in single file along the corridors between lessons, we want them to arrive as quickly as possible to their next lesson, in the right frame of mind to maximise learning opportunities.
  • The day will end with an afternoon tutor time, this is different from previous years. During this time, tutors can ensure all pastoral issues are dealt with before pupils leave school. It also provides an additional opportunity to practise and extend reading skills.
  • Pupils will be awarded merits for good effort and kind, thoughtful behaviour.
  • Pupils will be given demerits for lack of effort or behaviour that is either unkind and/or disrupts the learning of others. These demerits may lead to a detention.
  • Pupils will not be permitted to use the toilet during lesson time. Toilets will be available during the following times 8.00am – 8.35am, 10.30am – 10.45am, 12.20pm – 12.45pm and 2.50pm – 3.00pm.



Pupils will be expected to complete 50-60 minutes homework each night. This will consist of:

  • A 10 minute MathsWatch activity –
  • 2/3 10 minute self-quizzing sessions following the schedule below:

Years 7, 8 & 9






English / Technology

Maths / Geography/ RE

Science / History/ IT

French / Music/ J7

Art / P.E/ Welsh



Years 10 & 11






English / Option A

Maths / Option B

Science /

Option C

Welsh / R.E.

P.F. / Health & Nutrition



  • Reading – your child will be expected to carry a reading book at all times and read for a minimum of 20 minutes every night

We ask that you monitor the completion of homework and reading, Form Tutors will check during Tutor Time.


Parent Voice

As ever, we are extremely interested in your views on how the school is run. We will be providing you with questionnaires throughout the year to identify what we are doing well and what we could improve. If you have any questions that you would like answered or comments to make, please use our parent voice email address which is:



We would like to keep you up to date with information regarding your child’s progress and be able to get in touch quickly in case of an emergency. Please ensure that your mobile phone number is up to date on our records, as well as your email address. You can do this through the parent voice email address or the school number.



From September, tutor groups will consist of single years. Moving to this method will help us reduce class sizes and enable easier movement between sets for those pupils who have worked hard to improve. Your child’s house will be allocated so that siblings are in the same house, they will not necessarily be in the same form group.


School Uniform

The wearing of school uniform is compulsory at Willows and strictly enforced.  School uniform promotes a positive attitude and sense of belonging to the school and a suitable image in the eyes of the wider community.


Boys – Black traditional trousers (not tight fitting, no jeans), school blazer, white shirt and school tie.

Girls – Black traditional trousers (not tight fitting, no jeans) or skirt (no shorter than just above the knee), school blazer, white shirt and school tie.

Hijabs – these should be plain black or blue and enable the school tie to be seen at all times.

P.E. Kit – School P.E. top, plain black sport shorts or plain black tracksuit trousers.

No leggings, jeggings, tight fitting trousers, jeans, jean like trousers or low rise trousers.

No hoodies

Jewellery – No jewellery, except for a wristwatch is to be worn for safety and security reasons. Any queries regarding religious symbols, contact the school before the start of the year.

Make-up – No non-skin coloured make-up is to be worn in school including nail varnish.

Hair – No extreme styles/colours.

Please note:  pupils will not be allowed to walk around the school with inappropriate hair / make-up or incorrect uniform.


Available to purchase or order from YC Sports on-line at or at the shop in Crwys Road

Blazers and ties

Girls and Boys P.E. tops


Footwear – Black shoes only. No suede, canvas, training style shoes or boots of any kind.


All of the decisions we make have the pupils’ best interest at heart. We want to maximise the amount of time spent learning and remove the distractions that might lead the mind to wander. We want our pupils to be able to compete with pupils from any other school across the country. As always, I am grateful for your support in enabling us to do this.


Have a great summer break, thank you for your support this year, we look forward to seeing you next year.


Yours faithfully


Chris Norman