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Willows High School

Letter to Parents - 26/05/2017

Dear Parent / Carer

Hope you are enjoying the great weather, typical that it starts during the examination season. Our Year 11 and 10 pupils have been coping really well and their behaviour in the hall is a credit to you.

Parent Consultation

It may seem a bit early to talk about next September, but I’d like to get your opinion on a couple of things that we are thinking of introducing for the next academic year:


We’d like to supply every child in the school with a locker so that, first thing in the morning, they would be able to put their phone, outdoor coats, bag and P.E. kit in so they don’t have to carry them around all day. We have researched the cost of these and there is a company that rents lockers out directly to parents at a cost of £22 a year. The company would then provide you with a 4 digit combination to open your child’s locker. If the number is forgotten, you would contact the company and they would reset the lock with another combination.


We are in talks with YC Sports to be the sole provider of trousers and skirts as part of the uniform for next year. We will be looking at a number of styles and listening to pupils’ opinions on which ones they prefer. We understand that some shops are selling inappropriate clothing in their ‘Back to School’ section and we want to get rid of the time spent debating uniform with pupils, so it can be returned to teaching and learning.

Make-up and Jewellery

Similarly, to reduce the time spent discussing whether make up is too much or an earring is too big, we propose that pupils wear no make-up and no jewellery except a watch. 

If you have any views on the above, please email us using, we really do appreciate you getting involved.

Meet the Head

If you can, please come to the next Meet the Head event. The date is Friday 30th June. It’s a 9.15am start in the Learning Lounge where we’ll have a cup of coffee, then move to the canteen for breakfast. There will be fried eggs!


There are a number of examinations after half term for year 10 and year 11. Please look through your child’s exam timetable with them to make sure they know when to turn up and where to go.

Please ensure that your child brings their calculator to the Numeracy and Mathematics exams.

There are also a number of revision sessions over the half term break, please encourage your child to attend as many as possible.

Awards Evening

This year we have decided to move Awards Evening from the summer term to next autumn term to enable us to reward exam results and end of year progress, dates to follow

Only 6 weeks left, the year has flown by. Thank you for your continued support, it really is appreciated.


Chris Norman