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Willows High School

New Rules After Easter Break

Dear Parent / Carer

We want to maximise the time that your children have to learn and our teachers have to teach, this is why, after Easter we will be expecting pupils to adhere to some simple guidelines that will have a large positive impact on the smooth running of the school.


We are going to stand firm with regards to uniform. Pupils will be expected to adhere to the uniform policy, any pupils who do not comply, for whatever reason will not be able to attend their classes for the day and work in a separate area of the school.

As a reminder, the uniform policy states:

Blazer for pupils in years 7, 8 & 9, white shirt, tucked in, house tie, black tailored trousers (no jeans, leggings or jeggings) or black knee length skirt, black shoes (no trainer type shoes or logos), the school jumper is optional.

We are looking into a way that uniform can be bought from the school in instalments through ParentPay. We will let you know when this is possible.

We do not want to have to take your child out of lessons, we have some uniform in school that can be loaned for the day

Outdoor clothing is to be removed and carried whilst in the school buildings.

Detentions will be given to pupils who do not wear the agreed school uniform and you will be informed via text.


Pupils are expected to have a bag and pencil case containing the following equipment with them at all times:

A scientific calculator, black and green pens, a pencil, a ruler, an eraser

If your child has P.E. or Games, they will be expected to bring the appropriate clothing to participate.

If your child is cooking, they will be expected to bring the appropriate ingredients to school.

Equipment is available to buy from the school, if you wish to do this through ParentPay, we are looking into a system to make this possible.

Detentions will be given for pupils who do not have the agreed equipment and you will be informed by text.

Mobile Phones, Tablets, Headphones etc.

At present, pupils are permitted to bring these items into school and use them during break and lunch.

However, they should be turned off and put out of sight when inside the school building. If an item is seen or heard whilst in the school building, staff will confiscate the item and place it in the school safe. Parents or carers will then need to come to the school to collect the items. They will not, under any circumstances, be returned to the pupil.

Please consider whether your child needs to bring any of these items into school in the first place, there are always members of staff available on 02920 414243 if you need to get in touch with your child for any reason.


The school day starts at 8.40am with tutor time. This is a crucial part of the day where pupils receive important information. We also run The Willows Edge programme through tutor time which develops pupils’ skills in Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Using their Initiative and Communication.

To this end, the pupil entrance gate closes at 8.37am

After this time, pupils will need to sign in at Reception.

Detentions will be given to pupils who do not arrive to school on time, you will be informed by text.

Movement Around the School

We expect pupils to move around the corridor in silence, walking on the left and in single file. This ensures that pupils get to their lessons in the shortest possible time and in a mood that enables them to start learning straight away.

Energy / High Sugar Drinks

These are not permitted in school, they will be confiscated and disposed of if seen.


We have a standard 1 hour detention which happens every day until 3.50pm. If your child gets a detention, you will be informed by text. If a pupil does not attend their detention, for whatever reason, they will spend the next day in our Internal Exclusion room, where they will work in silence for the day until 3.50pm. They will have different break and lunchtimes from the rest of the school.

If a pupil misbehaves in the Internal Exclusion room, they will return there for the following day. This will continue until the pupil demonstrates that they can return to normal lessons without disrupting the learning of others.

School Magazine

We will shortly be publishing our school magazine which will include all of the news from the Spring Term.

Year 11

Finally, the examination season starts in earnest after the Easter break. If your child is in Year 11, we would appreciate your support in ensuring they make the most of their time revisiting and revising their subjects. There are sessions being held at the school during the holidays to support this. Please encourage your children to attend wherever possible.

If you’d like more information on anything mentioned in this letter, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.


Chris Norman (Headteacher)