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Willows High School

The Library

Our library has recently undergone a major refurbishment comprising quiet study areas, comfy seating areas for reading and a computer suite complete with iPad bar and Full HDTV. The library is an ideal place to study or to relax and read a book.  

Opening Hours: 

Monday – Friday 8.30 – 3.30 

Pupils can use the library before and after school and at registration time. We currently have a variety of books including fiction and non-fiction texts. Books can be borrowed for 2 weeks and pupils are allowed to take out 2 loans at a time. 

The librarian, Miss Brackley, is very knowledgeable about the books in the library and is always happy to help pupils find the right book for them.  


Accelerated Reader 

Our library is pleased to be part of the Accelerated Reader program. This system levels a book based on the ATOS difficulty level, which will determine a book’s difficulty based on vocabulary, sentence length and average word count. All KS3 pupils complete a STAR reading test at the start of the year, which gives them their ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development). Pupils then choose a suitable book based on their ZPD and complete a quiz once they have finished work to check understanding. Each quiz that the pupil completes and passes will get house points for their house. 

Parents can monitor their child’s reading progress by clicking here and entering their child's Accelerated Reader logins that they use in school.  

To look for suitable books for your child please click here:  


DEAR lessons 

Willows High School holds DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) lessons for KS3 pupils 3 times a week. Pupils get 30 minutes reading time during these lessons to improve and practice key literacy skills. These lessons are on a rota basis and held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Pupils are responsible for making sure they have a book for these lessons. 


Literacy Intervention 

We understand that pupils may need a little extra help with their reading. Willows High School uses a computer program to screen pupils and identify those with weak literacy skills. These pupils then receive targeted intervention once a week with a specialist literacy teacher. Pupils are put in groups of similar ability to ensure that progress is made. The sessions work on reading comprehension skills, grammar, spelling and writing.  


Extracurricular Activites 

The library hosts a range of extracurricular activities throughout the year. In the Autumn term we take part in the Kids’ Lit Quiz, where teams of 4 pupils compete to answer book related questions against other schools in the UK. In the summer term we run the Carnegie Shadowing Scheme. This involves pupils reading a shortlist of 8 books and then working with other schools to create a presentation on that book. They then perform this presentation in front of judges to win prizes for best team performance and best individual performance.