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Willows High School

Learning Lounge

The Learning Lounge is a funky, colourful and bright space, with a coffee bar (self-service), comfy seating, as well as more private areas to sit. We are delighted to have a computer area, which will be available for people to book and use for job searches, skyping home, driving theory practice sessions and IT classes. We also have a larger area from which adult education and skills building classes and groups will run.

Some of the classes we hope to see running from the Learning Lounge will include Basic Maths, English and Science courses, English as a Second or Other Language, cake decorating, childcare, Parent Nurture Programmes, just to name a few. We are hoping to get more ideas of how we can best use our space and we would like you to tell us how. Come along and have a look at this wonderful space and let us know your thoughts and ideas on what you would like to see.

For more information about the Learning Lounge please call or email Nat Kendrick-Doyle at or on 02920 414243. To make a booking please complete the following form: