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Willows High School

Journey 7

Journey 7 - Miss Lucy Alexander

Name:    Lucy Alexander
Twitter: @whsj7


Latest info for this year: From Monday 26th September 2016, there will be two year 7 clubs starting; Monday will be Year 7 Drama Club, Thursday will be Year 7 Homework and Reading Club.


The first term in J7 we spend time exploring ourselves, our values and beliefs.  Part of J7 is developing self-confidence and literacy skills and this term we achieve this through a study of our traditions and exploring different cultures in our exciting and diverse city. 

We explore the history of Britain and Wales and how lucky we are to live in such a multi-cultural society.  In J7 we study different influences on our society focusing on the changes brought about by the Romans.  We complete a historical re-enactment of Boudicca and her battles with the Romans.  Plus an exciting study of Roman Mosaic Art.

We then move on to explore Victorian England, Charles Dickens and the Industrial Revolution.  The term finishes with a study on Christmas and the tradition of Christingles.


This term we explore the effect people have on the world in which we live.  There is a study on wildlife and how charities around the world are working to protect animals from extinction. 

We complete a significant study on China and the pollution in China, their traditions and culture.  We then move across to learn about the River Ganges in India and the significance of this river on the Hindu faith.  We explore the traditions and rich culture of India and the importance of the River Ganges to the people that live there.

Our final term in J7 is spent studying our goals, ambitions and dreams.  We explore what skills and qualities we have as individuals and start to build a plan for our future achievements and how we will achieve them.

We explore different careers and paths to success and we explore the qualifications required for these careers.


After school club

Club Dojo

This is a club that is centred around creating new friendships and developing confidence and a sense of ambition.  The pupils will participate in a range of

This leads on to a study on inspirational people: historical, scientific, artistic, political and spiritual.  We explore what makes these people great and what attributes they have.  From this work we make connections between our future plans and the qualities and attributes of the inspirational people we study to help the J7 pupils have aspirational goals.

Aim for stars year 7 and when you get there shine bright.

Different activities from computer games to film studies from dancing to art work. 

Fun is guaranteed.

Key Stage 4: GCSE/BTEC/VCERT/Other N/A

Awarding Body n/a

Useful Web Links – resources shared with pupils – positive behaviour management tool – literacy site that publishes the pupils written work around the world