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Willows High School


History - Paul Hancock

Name:   Paul Hancock
Twitter: @Willows_History

Key Stage 3: Years7-9

In Yr 7, pupils follow the Journey 7 curriculum.

In Yr 8, pupils explore how William the Conqueror’s victory in the Battle of Hastings in 1066 affected Wales and Britain between 1000 and 1500, and they explore the changes in Wales and Britain between 1500 and 1760

Pupils study:

  • how William the Conqueror gained control of the whole country
  • what life was like in medieval towns and villages
  • why the Church was important in the lives of medieval people
  • how Henry VIII and the Tudors changed Wales and Britain.
  • what caused the Civil War and how it changed Wales and Britain
  • how the Atlantic Slave Trade affected people
  • how the British Empire affected Britain and its empire

In Yr 9, pupils explore the changes in Wales, Britain and the wider world between 1760 and 1914

Pupils study:

  • what the Industrial revolution was and how it affected Splott
  • the causes of WW1
  • the events and results of WW1
  • how the results of WW1 helped to cause WW2
  • the events and results of WW2

Key Stage 4: GCSE/BTEC/VCERT/Other

Awarding Body


ROUTE A: In-Depth and Outline Studies of Aspects of Welsh/ English and World History

In Yr 10, pupils study:

UNIT 2: In-depth study - Changes in South Africa, 1948-1994

  • The establishment of Apartheid
  • Opposition to Apartheid
  • The end of Apartheid

UNIT 3: Outline study -  The development of Germany, 1919-1991

  • The effects of WW1
  • The rise of Hitler
  • WW2 and its effects
  • The division and reunification of Germany

In June of yr 10, pupils take exams in Units 2 & 3.

In Yr 11, pupils study:

UNIT 4: Controlled Assessment - an investigation into the impact of WW2 on Britain.

  • Dunkirk – triumph or disaster?
  • Evacuation – a place of safety?

Pupils complete two assessments by December.

UNIT 1: In-depth study - The USA: a nation of contrasts, 1910-1929

  • The effect of WW1
  • The 1920s economic boom
  • Social change – the rights of blacks, women’s rights
  • The wall Street Crash

In June of yr 11, pupils take an exam in Unit 1.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Weekly controlled assessment (coursework) workshops for yr 11

Weekly revision workshops for yr 10 and yr 11

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